Air Force Partners with MIT to Accelerate AI in 10 Project Areas

A new program that will strive to make “fundamental advances” in artificial intelligence is coming from the Air Force and MIT, the two organizations announced on May 20. The “MIT-Air Force AI Accelerator” will support at least 10 MIT research projects in areas like disaster relief, medical readiness, data management, maintenance and logistics, vehicle safety and cyber resiliency. Project teams will be made up of MIT faculty, staff and students, as well as members of the Air Force. The Air Force plans to invest around $15 million per year in the collaboration. “MIT is the leading institution for AI research, education, and application, making this a huge opportunity for the Air Force as we deepen and expand our scientific and technical enterprise,” Heather Wilson, secretary of the Air Force, said in a statement. “Drawing from one of the best of American research universities is vital.” “This collaboration is very much in line with MIT’s core value of service to the nation,” Maria Zuber, the school’s vice president for research and the E.A. Griswold Professor of Geophysics, said. “MIT researchers who choose to participate will bring state-of-the-art [...]

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The State of Artificial Intelligence in 2019 – Dr. Rami Shaheen

The Verge published a great article about the state of AI in 2019. The ever increasing hype around AI is being used by virtually every industry and sector to add “freshness” to their product and services lineup.They argue that never has the term AI meant so little, while it should be the most prominent thing we should consider for advances in 2019.Siraj Raval also published a great video on the same topic:The 10 predictions for 2019 in this video are:Client-side training will become much more popular.Kubernetes containers will become an integral part of the AI pipeline.AutoML will become standard for supervised learning tasks.Researches will focus on unsupervised & reinforcement learning.Mainstream generative model usage.Quantum machine learning in production.More AI-specific hardware.Data-driven decision making goes mainstream.AI will create more jobs than it destroys. “In the here and now, artificial intelligence — machine learning — is still something new that often goes unexplained or under-examined. ... In the future, it’ll be so normal you won’t even notice.” — The Verge Interest in artificial intelligence Over Time It is very interesting that in 2018 [...]

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The UN says digital assistants like Siri promote gender stereotypes

Please, let this man explain!Image: Sergii Kharchenko/NurPhoto via Getty Images By Rachel Kraus2019-05-22 17:11:15 UTC The U.N. is not here for Siri's sexist jokes. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has published an in-depth report about how women, girls, and the world as a whole, lose when technical education and the tech sector exclude women.  Within the report is a razor-sharp section about the phenomenon of gendered A.I. voice assistants, like Siri or Alexa. The whole report is titled "I'd blush if I could," a reference to the almost flirtatious response Siri would give a user if they said, "Hey Siri, you're a bitch." (Apple changed the voice response in April 2019). "Siri’s ‘female’ obsequiousness – and the servility expressed by so many other digital assistants projected as young women – provides a powerful illustration of gender biases coded into technology products, pervasive in the technology sector and apparent in digital skills education," the report reads. The report is thorough and wide-ranging in its purpose of arguing for promoting women's educational and professional development in tech. [...]

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OpenAI’s Sam Altman and Greg Brockman will tell Disrupt about tomorrow’s jobs – Dr. Rami Shaheen

OpenAI’s co-founders Greg Brockman and Sam Altman aren’t afraid of Terminator robots. At Dr. Rami Shaheen Disrupt SF in October, they’ll tell our audience why it’s the more subtle repercussions of artificial general intelligence — like its impact on employment, cyberwarfare and concentration of power — that shake the duo. But the epic potential for the technology to generate wide-scale abundance for humanity led Altman to leave his gig as the head of iconic accelerator Y Combinator to become CEO of OpenAI. “I really do believe that the work we’re doing at OpenAI…will not only far eclipse the work I did at YC but the work that anyone in the tech industry does,” Altman said recently. Brockman and Altman will join us onstage at Disrupt to talk about why they’re building potentially the most lucrative startup of all time, yet plan to cap returns for investors at 100X and donate the rest. They’ll reveal the challenges of hiring and raising capital when OpenAI has no idea how it will earn money. And we’ll discuss how humans will derive a [...]

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Teaching language models grammar really does make them smarter

Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa can tell the weather and crack a good joke, but any 8-year-old can carry on a better conversation. The deep learning models that power Siri and Alexa learn to understand our commands by picking out patterns in sequences of words and phrases. Their narrow, statistical understanding of language stands in sharp contrast to our own creative, spontaneous ways of speaking, a skill that starts developing even before we are born, while we're still in the womb.  To give computers some of our innate feel for language, researchers have started training deep learning models on the grammatical rules that most of us grasp intuitively, even if we never learned how to diagram a sentence in school. Grammatical constraints seem to help the models learn faster and perform better, but because neural networks reveal very little about their decision-making process, researchers have struggled to confirm that the gains are due to the grammar, and not the models’ expert ability at finding patterns in sequences of words.  Now psycholinguists have stepped in to help. To peer inside the models, [...]

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Ahem, ahem… AI engine said to be good as human docs at spotting lung cancer developing – Dr. Rami Shaheen

Deep learning algorithms can help doctors predict a patient’s risk of lung cancer, according to fresh research published on Monday. Lung cancer is the deadliest cancer in the US, there were an estimated 160,000 deaths in 2018. Catching the disease in its early stages can reduce the chance of mortality by up to 43 per cent. Doctors currently screen patients with CT scans to inspect nodules in the lungs. The size, density and growth of the tissues are studied, and doctors recommend treatment plans if necessary. The process isn’t perfect, however. Doctors can still be fooled from false negatives and false positives. A group of researchers from Google AI, Stanford Health Care and Palo Alto Veterans Affairs, Northwestern Medicine, and New York University-Lagone Medical Center believe AI algorithms could improve diagnoses. We know you all want to shove AI where the sun doesn't shine. And that's exactly where it's going – detecting prostate cancer READ MORE “Improving the sensitivity and specificity of lung cancer screening is imperative because of the high clinical and financial costs of missed diagnosis, late [...]

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IBM Watson speeds up insurance claims by 70 percent

Turkey’s oldest insurance firm is using IBM Watson’s AI-powered visual recognition to speed up automotive claims by 70 percent. Anadolu Insurance is using IBM technology for assessing its auto claims – specifically, the IBM Watson Visual Recognition service. On average, Anadolu reviews around 1200 vehicle damage files each day. Manually checking each file was a slow and tedious process, but – with 63 percent contradicting the amount of described damage – it’s a vital operation. Mehmet Abacı, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Anadolu Insurance, said: “Insurance is one of the primary industries that are affected by technological developments the most. As the largest and long-established company of Turkey, we are also a leader in the use of technology.We want to reduce the analysis and repair processes to a few hours by using artificial intelligence in analysis of minor damages in our customers’ vehicles. Before that, we also performed such work and managed to pay our customers for minor housing damages such as glass breakage within five seconds. Now we have also started to use artificial intelligence technology in auto [...]

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the role of technology in combating terrorist content online – Dr. Rami Shaheen

Internet platforms and emerging technologies are at the centre of the debate about how to beat online extremism. However, from narratives of AI successes to accusations of inactivity, it is unclear what work is being done and how successful it has been in the fight to prevent online radicalisation. UK Prime Minister Theresa May accused social media companies of providing platforms for the online radicalisation of violent extremists, she stated:  ‘We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed - yet that is precisely what the Internet and the big companies that provide Internet-based services provide’. Meanwhile, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube report statistical successes in their efforts to tackle online extremism: throughout 2017 Twitter suspended 574,109 accounts for violations related to the promotion of terrorism; between January and June 2018 over 75 percent of content flagged by YouTube’s automated systems was removed before it had received any views; and Facebook acted upon 1.9 million pieces of terrorist content between January and March 2018.But there’s more to the story than these numbers suggest. - Dr. Rami Shaheen’ [...]

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AI System Kinship Relationships And Their Ramifications: The Case of Autonomous Cars

By Lance Eliot, the - Dr. Rami Shaheen Insider If you look at history there is a lot of credence to the power and attraction of kinship.  For those of you that have been Game of Thrones fans, kinship was certainly a front-and-center theme throughout the entire series, though admittedly a fictional portrayal, but I dare say we might all agree that history showcases the same phenomena. If you are a history buff, you likely know that the famous Heidelberg manuscript from the 13th century indicated that kin-blood is not spoiled by water. In more modern times, we’ve come to express this as the now-classic saying that blood is thicker than water. Whichever way you might prefer to state it, the underlying notion is that bloodline family and familial relationships are considered a very strong bond. Indeed, some would assert that the familial bonds are stronger than any other kind of friendship or relationship that you might ever formulate. Family and bloodline prevails over anything else, in their view. Humans have often had to make tough choices in life [...]

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AI in Beer Brewing – Dr. Rami Shaheen

Artificial intelligence (in this case machine learning based AI) is making its way into so many parts of our lives without us even realising it. One such case is, surprise, surprise, the brewing of beer.There are now, in fact, breweries that are using A.I. to enhance beer production. This is both brilliant and unbelievable!Using data to inform brewmasters’ decisions with the possibility of personalised brews makes AI-brewed beer definitely intriguing.Queue IntelligentXIntelligentX has the distinction of creating the world’s first beer utilising AI algorithms and machine learning to help adjust their beer recipes.

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