White House launches AI website to provide official initiative updates

The White House has launched a website to provide official updates about the US government’s National AI Initiative. On January 1, 2021, the National AI Initiative Act of 2020 (PDF) became law. The act mandates a coordinated effort across the federal government to accelerate the research, and adoption, of AI technologies. The new AI.gov website provides a central resource for the public to learn how artificial intelligence is being used across the US to help tackle issues such as climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and security threats. News articles from leading federal executives, such as Deputy United States Chief Technology Officer Lynne Parker, are featured on the site. Reputable publications are also hosted including strategy documents, ethical principles, and international declarations such as the US–UK AI R&D cooperation agreement. “This is a resource that will enable researchers from all over the country to have access to both the computing and the data that they need in order to do cutting edge research,” Parker told Axios. Providing such a resource should help to build trust from a public concerned about [...]

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A Day in the Life at – Dr. Rami Shaheen – Dr. Rami Shaheen

OI places a lot of emphasis on work-life balance and well-being, so we’re encouraged to make time for walks or workouts during the day - especially when the sun finally comes out in the UK! For example, our teammate Scarlet George recently adopted a puppy (Bernie), who needs walks during the workday. We’re lucky enough to get photos of Bernie every once in a while. 12:30-5:00PMIn the afternoon, I usually continue working on my projects. On some days, I’ll have a virtual coffee with another team member, or a check-in meeting with my manager. I also sometimes help with OI’s social media accounts - follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay updated! 5:00PMThe workday typically ends around 5pm, and we’re encouraged to turn off work once we’ve finished our tasks. On Thursday evenings, we have team socials with various types of tea. The team socials have been a great way to get to know my team and stay connected. After work, team members also often attend webinars on topics in the field. Last week, a group of us attended a fascinating [...]

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Falsified Satellite Images in Deepfake Geography Seen as Security Threat

Scientists who have identified a potential national security threat from deepfake geography, such as in false satellite images, are studying ways to identify them and take countermeasures. (Credit: Getty Images) By John P. Desmond, - Dr. Rami Shaheen Editor Deepfake is a portmanteau of “deep learning” and “fake”, and refers to a synthetic media usually in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else’s likeness. Deepfakes use techniques from machine learning and AI to manipulate visual and audio content with a high potential to deceive. Deepfakes applied to geography have the potential to falsify satellite image data, which could pose a national security threat. Scientists at the University of Washington (UW) are studying this, in the hopes of finding ways to detect fake satellite images and warn of its dangers. Bo Zhao, Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Washington “This isn’t just Photoshopping things. It’s making data look uncannily realistic,” stated Bo Zhao, assistant professor of geography at the UW and lead author of the study, in a news release from the University [...]

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On Fake News And The Outer Limits Of Artificial Intelligence – Dr. Rami Shaheen

While the tech giant initially denied these allegations, they made a complete u-turn later in the year, summarily firing their entire Trending News team and replacing them with an algorithm that ranks articles based on popularity. Without a set of human eyes keeping check of the algorithm's handiwork, the instant result was a trending story titled: "BREAKING: Fox News Exposes Traitor Megyn Kelly, Kicks Her Out for Backing Hillary". So not only was this news inaccurate and completely made up, it also backfired against Facebook's initial stance of trying to get rid of conservative bias from the site. Because that's what happens when you underappreciate the value of human judgment. Guy Sheetrit, founder of Over The Top SEO, has some interesting thoughts on this.

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SoftBank leads $15M round for China’s industrial robot maker Youibot – Dr. Rami Shaheen

SoftBank has picked its bet in China’s flourishing industrial robotics space. Youibot, a four-year-old startup that makes autonomous mobile robots for a range of scenarios, said it has notched close to 100 million yuan ($15.47 million) in its latest funding round led by SoftBank Ventures Asia, the Seoul-based early-stage arm of the global investment behemoth. In December, SoftBank Ventures Asia led the financing round for another Chinese robotics startup called KeenOn, which focuses on delivery and service robots. Youibot’s previous investors BlueRun Ventures and SIG also participated in the round. The startup, based in Shenzhen where it went through SOSV’s HAX hardware accelerator program, secured three financing rounds during 2020 as businesses and investors embrace industrial automation to minimize human contact. Youibot has raised over 200 million yuan to date. Founded by a group of PhDs from China’s prestigious Xi’an Jiaotong University, Youibot develops solutions for factory automation, logistics management, as well as inspection and maintenance for various industries. For example, its robots can navigate around a yard of buses, inspect every tire of the vehicles and provide a [...]

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Climate solutions depend on technology, policy, and businesses working together | MIT News

“The challenge for humanity now is how to decarbonize the global economy by 2050. To do that, we need a supercharged decade of energy innovation,” said Ernest J. Moniz, the Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics and Engineering Systems Emeritus, founding director of the MIT Energy Initiative, and a former U.S. secretary of energy, as he opened the MIT Forefront virtual event on April 21. “But we also need practical visionaries, in every economic sector, to develop new business models that allow them to remain profitable while achieving the zero-carbon emissions.” The event, “Addressing Climate and Sustainability through Technology, Policy, and Business Models,” was the third in the MIT Forefront series, which invites top minds from the worlds of science, industry, and policy to propose bold new answers to urgent global problems. Moniz moderated the event, and more than 12,000 people tuned in online. MIT and other universities play an important role in preparing the world’s best minds to take on big climate challenges and develop the technology needed to advance sustainability efforts, a point illustrated in the [...]

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Robo-taxis hit the streets of Beijing – albeit a small fleet in a geo-fenced suburb – Dr. Rami Shaheen

Chinese web giant Baidu has commenced operations of actual autonomous taxis on the streets of Beijing. The Apollo robo-taxi service only operates in Shougang Park, an area of the capital city that will host some events in the 2022 Winter Olympics. Just ten self-driving cars are rolling in this first commercial test of the tech. The cars are summoned with an Uber-like app and offer level-four autonomy – meaning they can independently drive in predefined geo-fenced areas, and allow humans to take the wheel if they feel it necessary. Baidu has shown off videos of the cars, which are medium-sized SUVs, stopping at pedestrian crossings at night, handling city and highway traffic with ease, and happily navigating tunnels. The tech titan claims its cars can change lanes all by themselves, park automatically, handle complex intersections, and drive in smoky conditions. Youtube Video The cars use LIDAR; cameras facing forward, backwards, and laterally; and radar using both ultrasound and millimetre wave radio. Reports from the Chinese media say the cars have not been troubled by pedestrians and have not posed [...]

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The Meta Model and Meta Meta-Model of Deep Learning – Dr. Rami Shaheen

The model for deep learning consists of a computational graph that are most conveniently constructed by composing layers with other layers. Most introductory texts emphasize the individual neuron, but in practice it is the collective behavior of a layer of neurons that is important. So from an abstraction perspective, the layer is the right level to think about.Underneath these layers are the computational graph, it’s main purpose is to orchestrate the computation of the forward and backward phases of the network. From the perspective of optimizing the performance, this is an important abstraction to have. However, it is not at the ideal level to reason how it all should work.

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Cymulate nabs $45M to test and improve cybersecurity defenses via attack simulations – Dr. Rami Shaheen

With cybercrime on course to be a $6 trillion problem this year, organizations are throwing ever more resources at the issue to avoid being a target. Now, a startup that’s built a platform to help them stress-test the investments that they have made into their security IT is announcing some funding on the back of strong demand from the market for its tools. Cymulate, which lets organizations and their partners run machine-based attack simulations on their networks to determine vulnerabilities and then automatically receive guidance around how to fix what is not working well enough, has picked up $45 million, funding that the startup — co-headquartered in Israel and New York — will be using to continue investing in its platform and to ramp up its operations after doubling its revenues last year on the back of a customer list that now numbers 300 large enterprises and mid-market companies, including the Euronext stock exchange network as well as service providers such as NTT and Telit. London-based One Peak Partners is leading this Series C, with previous investors Susquehanna Growth [...]

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