Dr. Rami Shaheen

Dr. Rami Shaheen

Mastermind of Innovation and Transformation using AI & Future Management tools

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Dr. Rami Shaheen

Dr. Rami is a Transformation consultant specialized in the transformation and international development of artificial intelligence management, innovation and Future foresight services. One of his inventions is Zayed toolset (zayedtoolset.com). Throughout his career, he has focused on results with a track record of more than 14 years at the national and regional levels in innovative transformation using future management tools. He has achieved great success in artificial intelligence and innovation in several countries such as the UAE, KSA, Jordan and Japan through LIFO and Innovation thinking system. He is the General Manager of International Company, Ambassador of Innovation and Business Accelerators, AI advisor for International Leaders and CEOs’, Board of Advisor in different international Organization such as IAIDL .Additionally , International Transformation Advisor to a number of major and international companies and serves as a direct consultant to several UAE enterprises CEOs. In addition, he provided coaching and training for a number of leaders in the national and regional levels. He serves on the board of advisors to Watan (KSA), Innovators (JO), Ministry of Labor (LY), and G20 (TR).

Dr. Rami holds an BSC in Business Information System, MBA in International Business and a Ph.D. in (IHRM) Human Resources Management, a Certified Artificial Intelligence Trainer from the University of Helsinki, holds an International License in Artificial Intelligence (Advanced Level), Certified Consultant from (IAIDL) to implement AIMA (Artificial Intelligence Maturity Assessment) for the organizations. Held the transformation via AI and future management tools through AI and future management tools and conducted different mega project such as maturity assessment and implementation of AI and future management tools to to Space Authority, FAIC , FDF , DED , Municipalities , Furdan University  in UAE , Japan , Denmark, Turkey and KSA. He is the only consultant in the Arab world capable of assessing the maturity in artificial intelligence using future tools in the government institutions. He holds the Blockchain Expert Certification from Blockchain Council and accredited by IBM WATSON. Has authored the MENA Top seller book on Artificial Intelligence and Future Tools published by the international American publishing company IGI.

Dr. Rami is a permanent member of the German-Chinese artificial Intelligence associate, Arab Society for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Business Continuity council. His record is full of achievements and awards in the development of Arab leaders and executives. He has also been nominated by IAIDL as a representative in the opening of its programs at Al Ain Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has worked as an international arbitrator in many projects and special studies in the field of artificial intelligence and future management tools such as Ministry of agriculture in KSA. And he has a lot of projects and studies In Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Jordan, London, Japan, Denmark and other countries.

Dr. Rami Considered as the mastermind of AI and innovation in MENA region, and always considered one of the favorable International speaker in different AI conferences, and Tv Shows.



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Dr. Rami Shaheen

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Dr. Rami Shaheen

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Dr. Rami Shaheen - LIFO Certified Professional
Dr. Rami Shaheen - PMP Certified Professional
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