Dr. Rami Shaheen – MasterMind of AI & Future Management Tools

Dr. (Mohamed Rami) Bassam Shaheen

Artificial intelligence specialist and future management tools

Dr. Rami is a transformation consultant specializing in the transformation and international development of artificial intelligence management. Throughout his career he focused on results with a track record of more than 16 years at the regional and global levels in the field of transformation using AI and futuristic management tools, and had results and radical improvements in several countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Japan, Finland and Turkey and others. He is an ambassador for innovation and business accelerators, and an artificial intelligence consultant within the board of advisors in various international organizations such as the US IAIDL, the Global Artificial Intelligence Index and a permanent member of the German-Chinese Artificial Intelligence Association, the Arab Society for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and the Business Continuity Council. He is a member of the Industrial Advisory Committee of the Higher Colleges of Technology (IAC) and a member of the Board of Advisors for Nokia (Saudi Arabia) and Huawei (UAE). Dr. Rami holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, a Master’s in International Business Administration, and a Ph.D. in (IHRM) Human Resource Management, Certified Artificial Intelligence Trainer from the University of Helsinki, holds an international license in Artificial Intelligence (advanced level), holds a Blockchain Expert certificate from the University of Helsinki. The Blockchain Council is accredited by IBM WATSON, a certified consultant (IAIDL) to implement AIMA (Artificial Intelligence Maturity Assessment) for organizations as the first Arab expert specialized in this field, as well as a specialist in digital transformation from Silicon Valley.
  • Dr. Rami made many voluntary contributions in the field of introducing the importance of artificial intelligence and the extent to which it can be used for many entities within the United Arab Emirates, such as Dubai Police, Abu Dhabi Government, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Al Ain Municipality and others...
  • Dr. Rami is the first Arab trainer to provide training in Silicon Valley, USA, where Silicon Valley is the largest source of artificial intelligence in the world. He participated as an AI Transformation Trainer for Oracle and provided various types of support to TESLA.
  • Dr. Rami is the first Arab expert in the field of artificial intelligence transformation in the Arab region, who has provided transformation consultations for many agencies in the Arab region, such as, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (UAE), the Investment Authority (the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan), the Ministry of Health (Saudi Arabia) and others...
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  • Educated and qualified more than 1,500 trainees in the field of artificial intelligence and future management tools and provided support to more than 40 entrepreneurs in Gaza and other countries, where their projects saw the light through practical application.
  • Scientifically supported and helped over the past year, more than 4 messages and research in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Dr. Rami Hall is the first Arab expert to author one of the best-selling books in the Middle East and North Africa region on artificial intelligence and future management tools, which was published by the American International Publishing Company IGI
  • Dr. Rami is the only Arab expert to have a permanent membership in the Artificial Intelligence Network in the Global Artificial Intelligence Index.
  • Dr. Rami has worked to improve the UAE's position in the Global Artificial Intelligence Index.
  • The designer of the King Abdullah Award for Innovation, and the institutions led by Dr. Rami as an investor got the first three places through the technological innovations that were presented, and the innovative initiative of the Licensing Authority received the Arab Excellence Award for the year 2019 and it is one of Dr. Rami's initiatives with the Licensing Authority .
  • Dr. Rami as the first Arab expert to be awarded the Most Influential Artificial Intelligence Consultants Award in 2020 by the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.
  • Honored by the Arab Writers Foundation - UAE for his educational and training efforts in Arab society towards building a positive citizen of technology.
  • Dr. Rami has served as an arbitrator for more than 20 studies around the world regarding artificial intelligence and future management tools.
  • Dr. Ramy has many technological innovations using artificial intelligence and future management tools, the most important of which are:
    1. Using EEG technology that relies on brain readings to help people of determination who are unable to use computers.
    2. The creator of Zayed tool set is the most important and influential tool in developing the leadership qualities of future leaders in the United Arab Emirates through the Sheikh Zayed Leadership Model, which has been talked about and praised by various leadership development institutions such as (John Maxwell). Information via the website (www.zayedtoolset.com)
    3. He worked as part of the Swiss Vsheild team in creating the Vshield device to prevent corona virus through nanotechnology
    4. Promote the use of sterilization robots in Saudi Arabia
    5. Mobile licensing, which is one of the initiatives that contributed to increasing the number of licensed cars in remote areas.
    6. The creator of the so-called smart education using artificial intelligence, which was presented in a special conference by IEEE to a group of "9" professors at the University of Arizona, USA.
    7. Worked on building a speed-reading initiative and analyzing reading abilities using artificial intelligence.
    8. Using artificial intelligence and virtual reality in training astronauts, addressing occupational health and safety risks, supporting healthy life among school students and diabetic patients, in addition to using virtual reality in the annual vaccinations of Queen Rania Hospital.
    9. Dr. Ramy is currently working on launching the cryptocurrency “zayedoilcoin.com”